Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Added value in every drop.

Water by HydroSecure® is the purest, freshest water you will ever drink, custom-tailored to your palate. After purifying your water, HydroSecure® adds in the minerals you want, making your water literally one-of-a-kind. Bringing water to a table can mean more than just dropping off a bottle or refilling a glass. With HydroSecure®'s post-treatment comes truly enhanced water.

For restaurants and coffee shops, that means offering the perfect water for your customer. Whether you're bottling your house brand or using it to make hot and carbonated beverages, you'll be giving your guests HydroSecure®'s absolute guarantee of purity and taste. And take it one step further and purify all water used to cook on-site. Imagine a pure, clean menu without the harsh chemical tastes that destroy fine cuisine. Chefs know the difference and so will your customers.

  • Serve only the best: ice, coffees, teas and carbonated beverages made with ultra-pure water
  • Provides you with a unique branding opportunity - Market Your Brand of water
  • Gives you, your clients and your employees a local, sustainable, delicious water experience