Trusted by the U.S. Government.

Commissioned by the U.S. Government to protect its highest-level facilities, HydroSecure® was the only system - out of more than 300 - capable of obliterating every single thing that the testers could throw at it.*

HydroSecure®'s cutting-edge technology is the only way to ensure healthier, safer, better-tasting water for everyone.

  • Protects mission-critical staff from any water-borne threat
  • Ensures continual service in the event of a disaster, an attack or an outbreak
  • Closes the security cordon by bringing water supply completely under the umbrella of protection
  • Provides complete protection against biological, chemical, or radiological contamination

*Testing included long-term operations under challenging conditions in both the laboratory and in the field. Detailed results of the testing are classified, but government agencies may request results from the Department of Defense Technical Support Working Group.

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