Purification vs. Filtration

Because Filtering Your Water Isn't Enough

Filtration. This is mostly a mechanical process that removes particulate matter.  Also, carbon and other specialized filtration can remove some chemical contamination by absorption.

Purification. This term is used very loosely, so you will find a lot of water companies claiming purified water when using only filtration.  More accurately, purified water has been through treatment processes designed to remove all types of contaminants.  This is what we do with HydroSecure® -- we combine several processes including mechanical (filters and membranes), chemical (ozone), and electronic (ultra-violet).  Also, we can add other processes such as ion-exchange as required for specific waste streams.  Other true purification systems might use distillation, ultrasonic treatment, and some combination of the processes we use. HydroSecure® does away with all water-borne contaminants, including viruses, bacteria and chemicals, leaving you with nothing but purest water.