A Word from Tom Worrell

The Way the Romans Did:  Why We Need a New Paradigm


All Europeans and their descendants live by the flawed Roman model that dictates that efficiency requires everything to be centralized.  Roman civilization collapsed because all centralized systems eventually collapse. They capsize under their own weight.  The Romans were very linear. They were basically engineers with sharp weapons and hostile attitudes.  Not only did all roads lead to Rome, so did the aqueducts.

As Roman descendants, we've followed their mistaken footsteps- with banks, government, mega-corporations, roads, sewers, and by maintaining the assumption that clean, fresh water is an endless stream that reliably flows. Turn on the tap (or be near an aqueduct) and good water is always there. Once used, it's thrown away as "wastewater."  

At Worrell Water Technologies, we've tried in our small measure, to shift the worn-out paradigms.   It's been difficult, but it may become easier as existing infrastructures continue to collapse.  But Earth has been working its magic for billions of years. I've bet my money on the Earth.  

Nature got it right. It has no centralized systems. Everything is fractal & decentralized.  If one part goes, everything doesn't go. In nature, trillions of tiny, independent systems work symbiotically to create larger systems, which in turn keep combining upward and eventually form a marvelous, living planet.

In creating the Living Machine®, we've used natural systems as our guide. We use science and technology to understand some of processes and to help things along, but at the end of the day, nature is the inventor, not the engineers.